Electronics manufacturing

Darekon manufactures electronics at its facilities in Haapavesi, Gdansk and Stockholm. Our main focus is the contract manufacture of medical equipment and industrial electronics.

Darekon is specialised in manufacturing small and middle-sized production series and prototype runs. Each facility manufactures several hundred different products during a year.

Our manufacturing sites have modern automated assembly lines. Besides ordinary reflow soldering, Darekon offers vapor phase soldering, if the temperature sensitivity of components or other reasons require that.

Darekon naturally also provides manual component placement and wave soldering.

Multi-staged testing ensures product quality and perfection. It also reduces production costs as any faulty parts are discovered as early as possible.

At Darekon the quality is controlled carefully at all stages of production. Incoming components are quality controlled. After component placement and soldering the quality of soldering is controlled. After adding and soldering components the boards are examined, for example, with the use of machine vision.

We are also able to examine electrically the operation of assembled boards or – in more detail – the operation of components on the board with a test program designed for each specific board.

Highly developed quality assurance methods and equipment ensure that all the products leaving Darekon’s manufacturing facility are flawless.