Contract manufacturing of medical equipment and industrial electronics

Darekon’s clients are at the heart of the company’s development. The continuous enhancement of the firm’s operations and its sure, sustainable growth serve to provide the customer with a truly reliable quality contract manufacturer. Darekon has always put the customer first in over 30 years of profitable growth. An engaged workforce, versatile services and a thorough quality system allow the business to respond to customers quickly, operate cost effectively and provide scaling flexibly.

Modern production facilities are in the core of our activities

Haapavesi plant

Allastie 5
PL 45
86601 Haapavesi, Finland

The Haapavesi manufacturing facility offers manufacturing of high-technology electronics products flexibly to meet specific client requirements. The facility has modern production lines for achieving today’s requirements regarding accuracy, productivity and versatility for placement of both SMT and TH components. Soldering of SMD components is done using reflow or vapor phase soldering processes. TH soldering can be done using conventional wave soldering, selective soldering or manual soldering processes.

The facility has x-ray and inline AOI machines (Automatic Optical Inspection) for inspection of products.

For environmental stress screening of demanding products we have an ESS cabinet.

For electrical testing of circuit boards there are in-circuit and flying-probe testers.

  • Manufacturing of medical equipment and industrial electronics
  • Highly automated production of small and middle-sized production series
  • RoHS and non-RoHS manufacturing processes for no-clean and water soluble applications
  • Cleaning processes for applications requiring special purity
  • Visual inspection with inline AOIs and x-ray
  • Electrical functional testing or in-circuit testing with both needle bed and flying probe
  • Protection of electronics products with coating or moulding
  • Rigid and rigid-flex depaneling with CNC-router
  • Component level traceability. PCB marking with CO2 laser
Antti Järviluoma Tehtaanjohtaja

Antti Järviluoma
Plant Director
+358(0)40 720 2449

Board of Directors

Henri Orpo, Chairman of the Board
born 1967

Managing Director of  Darepro Oy 2008-, Sales Director of Darepro Oy 1993-2008, shareholder Dinos Investment Oy.

Chairman of the Board at HelppoKatsastus Oy, Board Member of Darepro Oy and Dinos Investment Oy.

Harry Linnarinne
born 1965, PhD, MSc

Liaison Director University of Vaasa 2021-, Dean, Technology and Innovations, University of Vaasa 2018-2021, Member of the board, Matkahuolto Oy 2017-, Managing Director of Stena Recycling Oy 2015-17, Senior VP of Business Development at Outotec Oyj 2007-2010, Senior VP Management Team Member at Finpro Asia Japan 2005-2007, Managing Director of Selmic 2004-2005, Managing Director of Nanjing Microcell Panda Mobile Terminals Co., Ltd., China 2002-2004, Managing Director of Nokia Mobile Phones, Poland 1998-2002.

Tuomo Luoma
born 1962

Chairman of the Board Verkkoteollisuus ry 2012-, Managing Director of Rethink Group Oy 1991-.

Managing Director of Rientola Group 2004-2011, Sales and Marketing Director Benefon Oyj 2003-2004, Managing Director of Trainers’ House Oyj 2001-2002, Managing Director of Razorfish Helsinki 1999-2001.

Management team

Kai Orpo, CEO

Jorma Miettinen, CFO

Teppo Pitkänen, Supply Chain Director

Petri Kettunen, Sales Director

Jari Aspegren, Quality Manager

Pertti Mäkinen, CIO

Riitta Moilanen, HR Manager

Antti Järviluoma, Plant Director Haapavesi

Pekka Antikainen, Plant Director Klaukkala and Savonlinna

Slawomir Wawryk, Plant Director Gdansk

Sven Blomberg, Plant Director Stockholm

Juha Männistö, Plant Director Ylivieska