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Contract manufacturing of medical equipment and industrial electronics

Customer focus, continuous improvement, digitalization and sustainable development will guide Darekon’s operations towards a future, as a competitive contract manufacturer.

Over 30 years of profitable growth would not have been possible if the customer had not always been our focus. Our dedicated Darekonians, comprehensive services and solid quality system allow us to be cost effective, flexible, and responsive.

Electronics manufacturing in Finland, Sweden and Poland.
Electronics manufacturing in Finland, Sweden and Poland.

Electronics manufacturing

Darekon manufactures electronics at its facilities in Haapavesi, Gdansk and Stockholm. Our main focus is the contract manufacture of medical equipment and industrial electronics.

Mekaniikan valmistus.
Mekaniikan valmistus.

Mechanics manufacturing

Manufacturing sheet metal mechanics and related services is done at Darekon’s Klaukkala facility and at Premec Oy’s ( plant in Ylivieska. Sheet metal work, painting, welding and assembly form the core of services.

Johdinsarjojen valmistus.
Johdinsarjojen valmistus.

Manufacturing cable harnesses

Cable harnesses are needed in most electronic products for connecting boards and other parts to the external world. Darekon manufactures cable harnesses with automated equipment for its own final assemblies or for clients’ use, according to needs.

Final Assembly.

Final assembly

Naturally the final assembly of products is part of Darekon’s service offer. It is available at all sites but to a greater extent at our Klaukkala plant.

Supply chain management services.

Supply chain management services

Darekon acquires components and materials for the majority of the products it manufactures. For the client this means the relief of a major concern but can also often lead to lower expenses since Darekon acquires large volumes of components through its reliable channels.

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