Contract manufacturing of medical equipment and industrial electronics

Darekon’s clients are at the heart of the company’s development. The continuous enhancement of the firm’s operations and its sure, sustainable growth serve to provide the customer with a truly reliable quality contract manufacturer. Darekon has always put the customer first in over 30 years of profitable growth. An engaged workforce, versatile services and a thorough quality system allow the business to respond to customers quickly, operate cost effectively and provide scaling flexibly.

Darekon’s versatile services cover the whole lifetime of the products it manufactures, from production to maintenance and spare part supplies. With Darekon involved in the lifetime management of your product, reliability and production efficiencies are part of the service.

Darekon invests in production machinery and cyber security

A sharp increase in demand has prompted Darekon to take rapid action to grow capacity. The firm has invested in a completely new SMT production line at Darekon’s Haapavesi plant. The global growth in cybercrime and working from home has led to an update in security practices. The corona situation has remained calm at all…
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