Privacy Policy


The new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (2016/679) has come into force on 25th May and we are committed to observing the responsibilities stated in the regulation.

You can view the regulation here.

The purpose of collecting personal data

We collect personal information through our website in order to communicate with you and answer to contact requests, to fulfill our legal and contractual obligations, to develop our business and our website and to target our services and marketing at you.

What personal data are collected

On our website we collect data using cookies and forms.


We use cookies on our website to secure a good user experience. Cookies are short text files that the web server saves on our device. Cookies collect information about the visitor’s behaviour on our website. We use cookies to develop our services and our website and to target marketing. You can voluntarily give your permission to cookies collecting personal data. Please consder that blocking cookies could limit the functionality of our website and the quality of our service.

Data handling and transferring

Your personal information is only handled by the members of our staff relevant to the task and the information is not unnecessarily shared. Our staff has been trained about privacy policies and we work with secure methods and tools.

The data is only stored as long as necessary and the length of time depends on the nature of the information.

The data is not normally transferred outside the EU or the ETA. The third parties whose services we use are committed to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation when handling personal data.

Right to personal data

We are committed to observing the the individuals’ rights to their personal data. These include the right to cancel consent, right to access their own data, right to have mistakes corrected, right to forbid direct marketing, right to resist or limit the use of the data and the right to have their data transferred.

Contact information

Data controller: Oy Darekon Ltd

Contact information: CFO Jorma Miettinen,