Darekon continues its development and profitable growth

The year ending 2019 marked a milestone for Darekon as the companys turnover exceeded 50 million euros. The growth is the result of developing a profitable business and ensuring customer confidence.

Revenue gain in 2019 almost matched that of the previous year, 7 per cent compared to 10 per cent in 2018 when it amounted to 47.6 million euros. That figure reached 51 million euros last year.

Darekon advances with consideration

The good success of the Finnish electronics industry and above all our customers has helped us to proceed according to plan and develop our operation,says Kai Orpo, managing director of Darekon.

Our revenue developed within the budget framework, operating profit reached 2.6 million euros and the companys equity ratio is at a good 48 per cent level. The number of personnel increased by 24 during the year and was 315 at the end of the year.

According to Orpo, good solvency will provide the company with a strong backbone to withstand economic cycles and to continue investing in business development as planned. Last years investments were mainly related to continuing operations.

Notable events of the past year included relocating the firms Savonlinna unit from Savonranta village to superior and logistically better working facilities in downtown Savonlinna, and the completion of the robotised welding and sealing lines at the Klaukkala facility to reach full production capacity.

Klaukkala grew strongly

The Klaukkala facility is Darekons multi-purpose house, a sheet metal workshop and a plant making final assembly of electronic equipment. In addition, it is a versatile planning office and serves as the logistics hub for the group. Enclosures and cabinets are manufactured using a robotised welding line and robotised extrusion technology of silicone seals, invested in 2018 and 2019.

Last year was challenging for us in the way that the sales of our unit grew with well over 30 per cent,says Pekka Antikainen, plant director at Klaukkala. Last year, we also recruited more than 10 people to Klaukkala and we still need to recruit some five people more.

Robotised welding and seal manufacturing are now in full swing, but still have capacity to increase production volumes. Our state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing system forms the basis for our sheet metal production, complemented by a high-precision, versatile laser cutter, and a comprehensive range of press brakes, presses and other production machines, he adds.

Ecology and people

Darekon has switched to using 100 per cent wind-generated electricity. The recycling of materials has been taken as far as possible and is constantly being developed. Energy efficiency guides the firms investments and all activities. There is also strong investment in developing digitalisation.

The biggest resource at Darekon is its people,says Orpo. Continuous learning has been one of Darekons most important values for a long time. That is the reason why year after year Darekon is able to develop and satisfy the needs of its clients and its wider community.